Isomorphic React - Front End North East

A discussion of isomorphic web applications, the benefits they bring, and the pitfalls that come with them.


ConvNet Character Recogniser

A convolutional neural network written in Tensorflow - using a simplified version of the AlexNet architecture. Go webserver, Python ML server, MongoDB storage, React frontend.

Shopping Cart

Isomorphic React shopping-cart application. The final product of the Lazy isomorphic React Experiment blog post. Includes code-splitting and lazy-loading of JS assets.

Awesome Blog

A blog application. Another attempt at an isomorphic React/Redux app, like the Shopping Cart application, with a bit more focus on UX/design.

editBlog posts

The Power of the Higher Order

A practical look into higher order components and what they bring to the table, along with a general discussion of code reuse in React

Lazy Isomorphic React Experiment

A look into isomorphic development, with a React/Redux application

D3v4 is on the way

A brief look at the new structure of D3 with a force layout graph showing the new depepndency tree